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Purple Tiger Records is a Boston-based independent record label, established to help new artists take a shot at "making it" within the entertainment industry. We also provide recording services for non-musical needs.

What kinds of sounds are we looking for?

We do not limit our productions to any particular sound or style. Instead, we focus on those new and unsigned artists wanting to "get their music out there". We work with artists to achieve the best sound, then employ all avenues possible to give your music a chance. Purple Tiger Records believes that success is only limited by your imagination.

What can Purple Tiger do for You?

When you contact Purple Tiger Records, you are not making just an empty contact. We will listen to what you offer and provide an honest evaluation for potential. When we find something that makes our ears perk up, we will meet with you, and give you the respect and attention your art deserves. This way, we may be able to help you attain your career goals. Of course, it is much easier if artists are responsible, motivated and take their music seriously.

How do we find potential new artists?

Yellow pages? I don' think so. We visit a variety of venues, then when we find a solo act or group that has potential, we will make contact on-the-spot. We also accept demos and press pak's for consideration. Once we sign you to a deal, we then provide the means to develop this unique style, transform it into a saleable work, and help promote the finished product.

Do we limit our work only to musicians?

Not at all. We offer our expertise and talents to any individual, group, or corporation who is in need of recording services. Our Mission is dedicated to helping the serious student of music, professional artists, street musician, comedians, individuals, and corporations to develop, work through, and produce a quality finished product.

These can be musical or non-musical works in progress, school or industrial projects, commercials, original works for copyright, covered/original songs for demo, instrumentals, background vocals, comedy, animation voice over, movie trailer voice-over's, inspirational/spiritual works, corporate information and training presentations, or anything else an individual or group wishes to be captured to disk.

How do we promote a project?

There are numerous ways that promotions can be handled. The music industry favors tours - local, regional, and national - benefit performances, radio airplay, and a quality website. For the new artists, photo shoots will be scheduled, press/promotional packs created, and other promotional items will be discussed. Developing a fan base takes time and exposure, be prepared to do a lot of short jobs in different places. If you are already performing, TAKE PICTURES! You can't go back once the show is over. Make a list of the songs you play and keep a record of the places you have played.

So, when you are done practicing and want to make some tiger tracks, we are here.

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